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Because of the lack of symptoms associated with HBP, not being caught by a doctor could put you at risk for harmful side effects, such as kidney disease or heart failure, without ever realizing hypertension was the cause. Stop in today to meet with one of our trained physicians.

•  Echocardiogram

•  Electrocardiogram

•  Kidney ultrasound

•  Metabolic panel

•  Urinalysis

Pre-hypertension testing available

•  Heart-healthy diet

•  Regular exercise

•  Limit alcohol intake

•  Quit smoking – look into our Smoking

   Cessation program

•  Reduce stress – learn about our hormone

    therapy treatments

•  Maintain healthy weight – try our weight loss program

Reduce your HBP risk

Regular checks of your blood pressure by the physicians at Primary Care Family Doctors along with helping you understand your risk factors can help you manage your hypertension.

Know your risk factors and your options

Helping You Understand Your Risk of Hypertension

Blood pressure

Get comprehensive care!