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W O M E N  C A R I N G  F O R  W O M E N

Our team of qualified doctors will assist you in evaluating your family history and the key risk factors in your lifestyle. This includes excess weight, poor diet choices and your level of physical activity.

Walk-ins are always welcome at Primary Care Family Doctors

•  Blurred vision

•  Erectile dysfunction

•  Increased fatigue

•  Increased hunger or thirst

•  Increased urination

•  Infections are more frequent or

    heal slowly

•  Pain or numbness in feet or hands

Recognize type 2 diabetes symptoms

•  Blood pressure testing

•  Check for numbness

•  Check for sores and infections

•  Cholesterol and triglyceride testing

•  Eye examinations

•  Hemoglobin A1C test

•  Kidney examinations

Examinations and consultations

Regular exams will help to keep a check on your insulin levels. Work closely with our knowledgeable physicians to develop a meal plan that works for your lifestyle and specific tastes.

Comprehensive diabetes screening and testing for your health benefit

Teenager diabetes Diabetes check-up

Regular Examinations and Recommendations can Reduce Your Risk for Diabetes